Extending Your Experience

Dig your well in search of the spring, keep on digging never rest. dig shallow, no water’s to be

found, dig until you reach it and the water flows.——Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni (Abbot of Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen)

The biggest limitation to the extension of experience for western meditators is the length of

time they can comfortably sit cross-legged on the floor. Sometimes one would like to sit for longer, but bodily discomfort becomes a distraction. In the first year, while your body is adapting, see if you can work your meditation time up to a full hour. If you have the opportunity to join a half day retreat, a full-day retreat, or a weekend retreat, you will certainly benefit from the experience. 

Details of dates and application forms for retreats can be found on our ‘Temple Stay’ program.

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