Meditation Techniques

My goal and motivation is for all people to attain the Dhammakaya, and for my wish to come true, I need your help. Can you visualize your mind at the center of your body at all times? Can you rest your mind there, even outside of a meditation session? Cradle it there for minutes, hours, until it becomes at home in this location. Then when you sit down for a meditation session, your mind will already be in its proper place, and you won’t lose precious time trying to adjust it. ——Luangpor Dhammajayo (Abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya)

In this blog is a collection of meditation techniques advised by Luangpor Dhammajayo (Abbot of Was Phra Dhammakaya).  Please enjoy!

Just Enough

Adjusting the body and mind is essential as we begin every meditation session. Use yourself as a natural benchmark as you seek balance.  The more you practice meditation, the sooner you will discover where the point of equilibrium resides. Balance is a feeling of openness, lightness and calm.  It is a feeling of joy and peace. Try to maintain this feeling continuously, without worries. Soon, this equilibrium will usher your mind to a standstill inside, and the brightness will appear automatically. ——31st March 1992


In the Middle Way, the mind must be neutral.  You must be indifferent to events, actions, or

noise occurring around us.  You are neither glad nor sad; you are still and your mind is at rest. By resting, you make progress.  Try this and you will see.——27th March 1996

Relaxation & Peacefulness

When you meditate, make yourself comfortable; keep the mind peaceful, calm, and empty of

all thoughts. Focus on the center of the body at all times.  There’s nothing in this world more

important than the center of our body.  You ask what is relaxation? Use yourself as a gauge. What were you feeling when you last felt completely relaxed? This is the feeling you want to keep with you for as long as possible. That’s the point where you feel most comfortable.  But if

the body feels any tension, then you’re probably doing something incorrectly.——13th April 1992


There’s no need to search for comfort. No need to ask, “Is this comfortable or is that comfortable?”  Just keep your mind still and calm, and soon the feeling of calm, the vision of the luminous sphere, and the Dhammakaya will emerge.  Stillness will lead you to success. It is a special expressway that will lead to the Dhammakaya inside. It is best not to waste time trying to figure out the right amount of comfort.  Stop searching and just be still, and it will come to you naturally.——23rd July 2002

An Excellent Chef

Still your mind peacefully for as long as possible.  Do just that. Don’t concern yourself with

anything else.  

Your mind will adjust to the correct disposition.  See yourself as a chef, creating the most delicately seasoned meal.  Add nothing too much. Having the proper ingredients is key to success.  So too must we condition and prepare ourselves: with the right ingredients for a peaceful mind. ——22nd April 2002

Doctor of Dhamma

The trick to keeping your mind still is to practice observation. If you see a crystal sphere, gently guide your concentration to the center of the sphere and soon, you will reach your internal refuge. Meditation students can achieve a graduate degree in the Dhamma! A doctorate degree even! 

This differs from a secular degree that requires years of studying, reading, writing, researching, analyzing, and discussing of numerous things. With meditation, you need not do a thing, just be still and observe while using the right technique.——26th January 2002

Keep Your Mind Relaxed

Whether you see darkness or brightness while you meditate, don’t stress yourself about it. Keep your mind relaxed, like wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting shirt. We, too, must loosen our minds, so that it’s relaxed and calm.

Let our minds be clear and pure. That’s all you have to do. Soon the mind will adjust itself

accordingly and move towards the proper location [at the 7th base of the body.——22nd April 2002

Meditation Mantra

When we recite the mantra “Samma Arahang,” do not repeat it like a parrot or myna bird. Even reciting by using effort is an incorrect technique.  Rather, you should think of the mantra with ease of mind. Allow the words to flow softly like a familiar song or a chant. Let it flow freely from your center without tension.——1st January 2002

The Sound of the Mantra Fades

When the mind becomes still, the mantra will fade away. It is as if you’ve forgotten the mantra

since you no longer need it to concentrate.  Just retain your concentration at the center of your body or the sphere, two fingers’ width above the navel. If this feeling of centeredness comes, then you don’t have to recite the mantra. Maintain the still mind, peacefully and comfortably.——22nd April 2002

Comfort Is Crucial

To attain the Dhammakaya, your mind must come to a standstill.  The key to stilling the mind

is relaxation. Train your mind to be relaxed and empty.  When the mind lets go of everything,

it will come to a standstill at the center.  It will return to its true position at the 7th base.  When you bring your mind back to its rightful position, you will reach the Dhammakaya.——10th January 1999

Don’t Worry

If you feel fatigued, then adjust your sitting position.  Don’t worry too much about being in

the “right” posture. Your main interest is stilling the mind. Also remember: you are not competing against anyone; it’s not about winning or losing. You’re not here to practice endurance. You’re here to focus on stilling the mind. There’s a difference.  Focus on your task and pay no attention to any distractions around you.——31st March 1992

Loosen Up

Being distracted doesn’t mean that you will fail.  You must first give yourself the chance to let go of all the things you’ve accumulated in your mind.  Don’t resist, get annoyed or become worried. Let it go, and soon it will disappear. In a similar vein, we wouldn’t obstruct strong, flowing rapids with a boat, as it will only cause more pressure to build up.——31st March 1992

Don’t Try So Hard

Why are you trying so hard? You will attain the Dhammakaya because everybody has the

Dhammakaya within.  

The center of the body is within us and your mind is capable of reaching it.  All that is left is practicing the correct technique – by feeling relaxed and bringing the mind to a standstill at the center of the body. 

Don’t make it a race against time. Just keep your

mind at the center. If you feel tense or tight, don’t oppose it, just open your eyes. Think of things that make you feel refreshed. It could be nature, the beauty of a flower, a good deed, a meritorious activity, a child’s innocence, anything that makes you feel good. Once you feel relaxed, bring your mind back to the center of the body.——13th April 1992

It’s Okay

It is okay if you cannot visualize the image of the crystal sphere; just keep your mind still without it. The ability to visualize varies from person to person; some can do it more easily than others. 

Once in a while I will come across someone who can visualize with up to 80-90 percent accuracy, as if they have a Xerox or a photocopy of a crystal ball inside. The occurrence is rare because the individual must have practiced meditation over many lifetimes. Due to this past merit, when he or she visualizes the sphere, they are able to see it clearly and easily. This effortlessness is special indeed.——22nd April 2002

This Is Called Meditation

When you place your mind at the center of the body at the 7th base, whether you’re sitting,

standing, walking, lying down, or even in the midst of an activity, then you are practicing

meditation. You are actually very close to the Dhamma of the Buddha. ——27th July 1992

A Budding Frui

It makes me happy when someone focuses his mind at the center of the body. It is like a tree

whose young leaves are about to bud. Soon it will bear unfurl. When you keep practicing meditation, in no time it will “bloom” and you will attain Enlightenment.——3rd April 1992

Love Yourself

ng yourself is not being selfish. You must strive to make yourself pure and peaceful at all

times. The sensations coming from your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind can be both

wholesome and unwholesome. You must select only wholesome things to converge at the center of the mind at the 7th base.———22nd September 2002

Dhamma Sphere

The Dhamma sphere that is inside the coarse human body is utterly pure and transparent.

It is equal in size to an egg yolk, yet this Dhamma sphere is very important. If it is clear and bright, then your life will be prosperous. If it is clouded and dark, your life is in deterioration. If the Dhamma sphere is extinguished altogether, the human body cannot endure, and life will be extinguished too.

The Dhamma sphere is inside every one of us. So if a person can focus his mind properly at

the center of the body at the 7th base, there is no doubt he will find this pure Dhamma sphere inside himself.——23rd July 2002

Remember These Words

Remember these words: “stop [the mind], be still, and stay;” and remember the phrase: “We

are only observers, not directors.” 

These are essential for you to learn. They will help improve your level of meditation until you successfully reach the Dhammakaya.  

Don’t take these simple words lightly. They can help millions of people reach the true happiness.——27th March 1992

The Short Cut

The ways to reach the Dhammakaya can be easy or difficult.

The easiest way to attain the Dhammakaya—this is all you have to do: stop [the mind], be still and stay at the center of the 7th base of body – no more, no less.

Why search for other methods on your own? It is unnecessary.

I have encountered and overcome all the obstacles in meditation for attaining the Dhammakaya. Ultimately, I have found that the fastest method is also the simplest: stop [the mind], be still and stay at the c\

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